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Besides keeping yourself clean, it’s essential to confirm that the building where you live is completely cleaned and sanitized. Building cleaning should not be limited to cleaning but also it must have a contribution to the health of its occupants and the building as a whole.



Difference between building cleaning and building maintenance:

Building cleaning and building maintenance are two different tasks. Building cleaning is solely about cleaning the building and its premises whereas building maintenance ensures the occupants about safety, functionality, and comfort. Maintaining a building includes tasks such as repairing, observing, and fixing any problems that arise, managing electrical systems, and other utility services.

Mostly whenever someone hires a building cleaning service, they ensure that they hire both building cleaning and building maintenance team separately that handles the required tasks.

In order to maintain cleanliness around the building, we are going to discuss the scope of work in building cleaning services, which are as follows:

1. Main entrance lobby cleaning:

The first thing in the checklist of building cleaning is the main entrance lobby cleaning. As every building has its main entrance from which all the occupants of the building pass by. For the health and safety of people living in the building, a building cleaning team cleans a lobby by first dusting, then dry mopping and wet mopping.

2. Every floor elevator lobbies cleaning:

Daily many people use elevator lobbies, the elevator consists of high touch surfaces such as buttons which can spread harmful germs present in the elevator, and due to high traffic areas in the building, the tiles get stains. Therefore, to avoid such bacteria and to provide a clean atmosphere a building cleaning staff does sanitize the elevator and clean the elevator lobbies daily by sweeping and wet mopping the floor.

3. Garbage pickup from flat:

The housekeeping staff daily collects the garbage from every flat in the building separates out the waste by its types and manages the waste. Which helps to maintain the building environment clean and fresh.

4. Staircase cleaning:

To prevent slips and falls due to slippery steps, irregular steps or short steps, etc. staircase cleaning is the essential task to do. The building cleaning team knows it well and does the staircase cleaning which includes sweeping/vacuuming and wet mopping the floor on daily basis.

5. Window cleaning on the staircase:

Window cleaning on the staircase internally is a crucial part of the upkeep of the building. It is a must-do task after a regular interval. The building cleaning staff cleans a window by applying a window cleaner and then wiping a surface using a mop or microfibre cloth.

6. Window cleaning in lift lobbies:

Window surfaces collect excessive dust and dirt like all other flat surfaces in a lift lobby. Thus, the building cleaning routine includes wiping down these window surfaces internally as per schedule to keep them clean.

7. Cobweb removal:

When we see a cobweb, it’s a strong reminder that the place needs to be cleaned. The cobwebs are found on hard-to-reach surfaces that are on the ceiling or the walls. With time a cobweb accumulates dust that needs timely cleaning. The building cleaning team cleans cobwebs by vacuuming the corners and the walls and to remove cobwebs you can use a soft duster as well.

8. Refuge and terrace area cleaning:

When the building gets caught in a fire or other mishaps happens that time a refuge area saves the occupants of the building from those accidents. An unclean refuge area may lead to health issues. For the safety of the building occupant’s health, the refuge area gets cleaned on daily basis.

Terraces are constantly exposed to adversity – whether it’s the weather, beverages, or food stains. However, to prevent long-term damage to terrace boards, it is cleaned using pressure washing and maintained regularly.

9. Electric room/Meter room cleaning:

Every building consists of an electric room and meter room; With time that room accumulates dirt therefore to it needs periodic cleaning which can be weekly or monthly using a vacuum cleaner.

10. Parking area/basement area cleaning:

The parking area consists of the most stubborn spots and dirt, therefore to get effective cleaning results pressure washing or pressure cleaning is a must. Whereas the basement is the most neglected place when it comes to cleaning, an unclean basement can cause mold and mildew problems, also it causes bad air quality. Therefore, to clean a basement, a building cleaning staff first sweep or vacuums the floor to remove the debris and scrubs the floor using floor cleaning products.

11. Drainage Cleaning:

In the rainy season, most of the time the waterlogging happens, so to prevent waterlogging a building cleaning service does a drainage cleaning.

12. Pre-Event and Post-Event Cleaning:

The building is the place where all the occupants are living together, whenever there is an event or function happening in a building, obviously, it is going to be celebrated unitedly. Whether it is a birthday celebration, meeting, marriage, or any other event, a building cleaning team ensures that pre-event cleaning is done before the function and they try to maintain cleanliness from the beginning till the end. Whereas post-event cleaning eliminates dirt and trash, which makes the place as it was before you use it.

A building cleaning service not only provides the above cleaning solution but also includes clubhouse area cleaning, gym area and changing room cleaning, yoga room cleaning, play zone area cleaning, swimming pool area cleaning, clubhouse washroom area cleaning, etc.

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