Routine Building housekeeping can quickly identify any potential issues and provide advice for maintenance.

We stand out from others in cleaning businesses in the Industry with our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services, and you won't regret working with us because of our affordable rates and excellent customer service.

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Safety and Security

Building housekeeping ensures that the building is fit and safe for the workforce.

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Regular Maintenance

Routine roundabouts ensure constant maintenance of the building.

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Regular Housekeeping cuts the cost for any uncertain mishaps in the workspace


We take pride in sharing that we are a client's preference when it comes to professionally managed Building housekeeping services.


We place our interest in our client’s interest by offering them world-class services.

Qualified Workforce

Our workforce works round the clock to ensure that services exceed expectations.


At Arise, we set certain standards to meet quality housekeeping service standards.


Cost efficient Building housekeeping can assist in the control or elimination of workplace hazards. Incidents are frequently caused by poor housekeeping practices. Effective Building housekeeping is an ongoing process.

What are building housekeeping services?

The scope of work consists of all built-up areas, frequent areas, cafeteria, toilets/restrooms, and service/utility areas forming phase of the building premises. Our personnel are educated with state-of-the-art cleaning tools that offer you satisfactory results.

What is included in building maintenance?

Building protection includes: Cleaning frequent areas. Doing away with trash regularly. Repairing broken objects. It can contain inspecting, repairing, and retaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and different utility services.

What kind of materials and equipment do we use in building housekeeping?

Although building housekeeping doesn't need any extra cleaning equipment. The standard manual equipment is: 1) Brooms for cleaning 2)Brushes for rubbing 3)Mops for cleaning 4)Cloths for cleaning dirty areas 5)Containers to collect dirt 6) Box Sweepers for collecting waste.

What kind of services do we provide in building cleaning services?

1. Main entrance foyer cleaning 2. Every ground elevator lobby cleaning 3. Garbage pickup from flat 4. Staircase cleaning 5. Window cleaning on the staircase 6. Window cleaning in elevated lobbies 7. Cobweb removal 8. Refuge and terrace vicinity cleaning 9. Electric room/Meter room cleaning 10. Parking area/basement place cleaning 11. Drainage Cleaning

What are some advantages of building cleaning services?

Building cleaning services have to no longer be constrained to cleaning; additionally, they contribute to having a clean, clutter-free area linked with various high-quality health advantages, including improved focus, health, sleep, and limiting stress and anxiety.