What will it Cost to Hire a Cleaning Services?

Cost to Hire a Cleaning Service

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Currently, the ongoing pandemic has made cleanliness extremely important. Most homeowners, businesses, and organizations are now aware of the importance of cleaning and, as a result, are seeking a cleaning service that can effectively manage their facilities within their budget.

When you search for a cleaning service for your facility, then you’re likely to find lots of cleaning services that can provide you with the service you need and charge for it. However, most customers are looking for a quality cleaning service at an affordable price, which can be difficult to achieve.

Before understanding the cost of hiring a cleaning service, let’s understand why you should hire a professional cleaning service for your facility:

  • Hiring a cleaning company will be beneficial to your business since they are expert cleaners! They are trained to clean and remove residue from your facility in the most effective manner. Having a spotless facility is something other than being coordinated. The experts realize the best approach to give your facility the clean and spotless environment it needs.

  • Whenever experts are called, they bring their own supplies with them. If you want your retail or office space to be thoroughly cleaned, you must have the right cleaning supplies.

  • Time is money. In case you are investing your energy in cleaning your own office or appointing cleaning obligations to your staff, you are losing time, money, and productiveness. Furthermore, it can negatively impact morale. Cleaning is not something your staff enjoys doing. Let your staff focus on the tasks they are best at, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

  • You will see the value in your workspace, office, or retail space significantly more. At this point, when you work in a spotless, coordinated climate, it prompts more productive office staff.

Most of the time when a customer finds a cleaning service that meets their requirements, the deal does not complete because the cost is too high. Sometimes cleaning services charge more if quality cleaning results are expected, which a customer cannot afford.

Therefore, to understand the cost of hiring a cleaning service, you must know on which basis the cost is calculated, which is mentioned in the following points:

1. Cleaning Supplies (Manual Equipment):

During the cleaning process, housekeeping staff uses non-electrical equipment, which is also called manual equipment like microfibre cloth, brush, static duster, hand gloves, mops, etc. These cleaning materials are used in almost every type of facility.

Different types of floor surfaces require different cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains effectively and give them a sparkling shine. There are four types of cleaning agents: alkaline, acidic, neutral, or degreaser. To ensure safety, the client can opt to use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals over other cleaning chemicals.

Manual Cleaning Supplies used in Cleaning Services


A majority of clients who request housekeeping services also inquire about cleaning supplies, and the cost of supplies is included in a quotation. However, sometimes clients already own this equipment, so they do save money.


2. Cleaning Supplies (Mechanical Equipment’s):

Be it large or small, facilities cleaning involves using cleaning machinery, which reduces labor, expedites cleaning time, and speeds up the process.

Mechanical Cleaning Supplies used in Cleaning Services

Cleaning machinery like vacuum cleaners, polishing machines, floor scrubbers, high-pressure cleaning machines, etc. is the most used machinery by the housekeeping staff. To clean the facility, clients rent machinery from a cleaning service, which is added as a cleaning cost.



Check out our blog about the types of housekeeping material used for cleaning.

3. Tools and Tackles:

tools and tackles used in cleaning services


A technician’s tools and tackles are used to maintain the facility. Some customers require technical staff, such as plumbers, fitters, or electricians. The charges depend on the client’s requirements.



4. Home Cleaning:

Cleaning a home can be divided into three types, namely regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and move in/move out cleaning. Most cleaning services check how many rooms there are, and then they decide how many staff members are required, and the cleaning rate is calculated based on square footage. Clients can request weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings based on their needs.

Home Cleaning cost


Besides this, if you have carpet in your home, the carpet cleaning costs will depend on the carpet square footage. For sofa dry cleaning, as well as Office chair cleaning, the rates depend on the number of chairs and sofas.


5. Types of Cleaning

Cleaning services include various types of cleaning such as corporate housekeeping, industrial housekeeping, pantry management, façade cleaning services, etc. The costs may fluctuate depending on the type of cleaning you choose and the duty hours, The rates are charged on a monthly basis. Overtime fees and charges on days off also get added to the cleaning staffs’ monthly wages.

6. Additional Services:

Typically, if the client wants additional services besides cleaning, such as pest control, mailroom services, manpower supply, payroll management, sanitization and disinfection services, etc, a client will have to pay them an additional fees.

It is hard to avoid discussing money when it comes to cleaning services. Quality services don’t come cheap, and neither does a comfortable lifestyle. You have to ask yourself what is more important for you: Time or money. With professional cleaning, you will be able to have more free time and feel more energetic.

One of the factors that affect the cost of cleaning is the level of service you choose. Professional cleaning is very detailed, so additional and special services that require more effort will be charged. Cleaning frequency is another important factor affecting cost.

You can easily book a housekeeping service with us. Simply specify your location and the kind of service you need. Also, you can read online reviews and ratings of selected cleaning companies. Our facility management company, Arise Facility Solutions, provides the best housekeeping services in Mumbai.

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We, at Arise facility solutions, provide the best cleaning service at a competitive price to meet our clients’ expectations. Our professionals are well-trained to assist you with your daily cleaning needs. Take advantage of our hassle-free housekeeping services by booking them online today.

By – Subodh Tayde.

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